We Are Dedicated To Improving The Patient Experience Through Novel Innovation


Ashlyn Sanders, CEO & Founder

In 2014, Ashlyn was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening neurologic condition called a Chiari Malformation, that led to emergent brain surgery and causes seizures. There is no cure for Chiari Malformations. Ashlyn started the company based on her desire to improve the patient experience for millions of others living with seizures. 

Ashlyn is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill (B.A. Mathematics) and Duke University (M.A. Bioethics and Science Policy). She is also a former 2014 Spring White House Intern during the Obama Administration in The Office of Science and Technology Policy and The Office of Public Engagement. She is passionate about health and health policy and is very active in her community. Ashlyn is currently a 2nd year medical student at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and plan for pursue pediatric neurology.

Amanda Schaffers, Senior Product Development Engineer - GILERO

Darci Morello, Product Development Engineer - GILERO

Jared DeMorat, Design Engineer - GILERO

David Orenstein, Human Factors Engineer - GILERO

NeuroVice’s board of advisors consists of clinicians, medical device and business development experts who are also passionate about improving the patient experience.