one simple device changes everything

At NeuroVice, we are dedicated to improving the patient experience for those living with seizures.

A seizure is a sudden burst of electrical activity in the brain. This uncontrolled activity may produce a physical convulsion and abnormal behavior. During a seizure, many experience violent convulsions that cause sufferers to experience jerking and twitching, lose their ability to swallow and have difficulty speaking.

Rigorous, uncontrolled movements and contractions of the jaw can lead to extensive oral damage. Oral trauma to the tongue, cheeks, and other soft tissues of the oral cavity often cause severance of parts of the tongue or the cheeks.

For decades, seizure safety guidelines say not to put anything in the mouth of a person who is having a seizure. Out of desperation for a solution, seizure sufferers have resorted to using hazardous objects such as spoons, towels, socks and pencils. 

These hazardous objects cause choking, cracking of teeth, and can block the airway.

We have finally developed a solution.

Meet PATI, The Protector Against Tongue Injury, developed by a patient for a patient. 

PATI is the first, symptom-management, oral device technology that safely and effectively prevents tongue biting and oral trauma during seizures. PATI’s patent-pending, disposable design prevents dislocation or dislodgment during the episode, allows for natural airflow, and prevents saliva from collecting in the mouth which can lead to choking. 

With PATI, you don’t have to worry about suffering painful oral injuries and discomfort that lead to costly emergency department visits, prevents you from doing tasks such as talking or eating, and prolonged healing that diminishes your quality of life.